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  • The land of Nyleve

  • Entering  Dig

  • DugWeb

  •              Passage


  • Chizra

  •           Ceremony

  • Dark

  • Harobed

  • TerraLift

  • Terraniux

  • Noork

  • Ruins

  • Trench

  • IvsKran4

  • IvsKran32


Released a mapPack today for Coop-Servers for the Unreal Platform

The RuneMapPack

The mappack contain 24 levels converted from the Rune Gam Rune Classic

the mappacjk been  compiled with the last Update from Oldunreal

Version K

Therefore it cannot be played with older versions even 227i is not supported


Download link  : RuneMapPack


Released my New map today for MonsterHunt Servers on the Unrealtournament Platform

Her Name MH-[ RTU ]-TheWall

a Map made with some inspiration that came from the Movie Serie's

Game of Thrones


Download link Mh version : Mh-[rtu]-TheWall

Download link Coop version : TheWall

Download link SP-MH version : MH-[sp]TheWall