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RubiesPlayground COOP-Server
« on: November 03, 2017, 09:10:52 AM »
We announce with proud that the COOP-Server is online and running fine!
All last updates have been implemented now and redirects are working fast!!!
We hope this server will attract many players and be a real home where you can make fun together...  ;)  :D :P
We added more than 600 maps and there is more to come in future

there are several gamemodes setup those gamemodes are launched trough portals below you can see the modes:






soon game=EXU2-BI01-Damnation.unr?Game=EXU2BI.EXU2CoopGame=> awaiting fix ! difficulty=1

The server is setup on difficulty =3 for 8 players and spawn random monster about 1/2 more than the original SP game
If any changes will be made on this server the information will appear into this TOPIC
So for now I can only say come and get some hehe......

The Administrator,

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