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About Unreal

Unreal or Unreal Gold another Classic/Shooter/Adventure, original released in 1998 for Windows 95/98 operating systems

The Game is  running fine on modern operating systems such as :

Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, it is highly recommended to update the game with the latest patch. This patch also allows you to play Unreal with high resolutions Textures.

Patch can be found : here

ModPages for Unreal

A lot peoples

forget there is a huge

archieve from files

for any game

on this awesome


ModbbCheck it out !

The Game Purcharce

It can be found on some

Abandonware Website's

Due the decissions from Epic

it cannot be sold anymore in Stores

Masterservers need to be Updated  Manual

You can read more  Howto  here

You will need to update otherwise you won't see any

Online Game !


founder Rubiesunreal

MeStarted to play Unreal more than 20 years ago

I always did love this game so much I decided

to create my own made levels and fired up some GameServers

It  did grow by time and went so far I have my own dedicated

Server now where I host even  some games for  my best friends!

About Unreal GamePlay


Check this out if you like to know more about Walktroughs from Unreal :


Wiki : OldUnreal


Rubie's Unreal Servers

have been moved

You can find more information

about this on the page


More news


Online GameServers

can be found on the page


There are 16 Servers

Online !

About Unreal Redux

Redux is a total conversion from the Original release by Epic

it will contain the latest and most modern techniques

that come with the latest updates of the Unreal Engine 1 Editor

engine updates developed By OldUnreal

Pages for UnrealTournament

Check this out if you like to know more about UnrealTournament gamemodes and much more

Wiki : here